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Load Management (Power Shift)


Miami-Cass is paying each of our members for the installation of a load management switch on their electric water heater and/or air conditioner.  You will receive a credit to your account of $25 for allowing us to install a switch for your electric water heater and $45 for your air conditioner.  If you allow us to install the switch for both – you would have $70 applied to your account.  A great deal for you and a great deal for your member owned cooperative in helping keep our rates low. 

The new switch will allow us to measure the amount of electricity not used during times of  high usage and report those savings.

New power plants have not been built in over 35 years and new EPA regulations regarding coal is reducing the amount of power available during extremely hot weather.  When the temperature heats up, electric prices on the open market increase which makes the cost of electricity very expensive.  The rate that we pay for the electricity represents about 70% of your electric rate.  Load management helps us keep this part of your electric bill at a reasonable cost to you.

Typical control periods are in the afternoon and early evenings, Monday through Friday, with no controls on holidays or weekends. However, control can be initiated outside this time if we are experiencing a critical power event.   These controls will cause your air conditioner to cycle on and off just like it does as it keeps your home cool.

Each of you who participate will be contributing to our goal of providing reliable power to our members at a reasonable price.  By participating, you will be reducing the amount of electricity that we must purchase during those hot summer days when electricity is being sold at very high prices.  Again this reduction is passed onto you by controlling our power costs.

For more information or to sign up for this valuable program, please call our office at 765-473-6668. 

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