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Electric Water Heaters

o       Replace an existing electric water heater receives $100 credit

o       Replace a gas water heater with an electric water heater earns $125 credit

o       Install a new electric water heater in a new qualifying building earns $125 credit 

  •     Free maintenance on electric water heaters (excluding plumbing) during normal business hours if you have a load management switch installed


§         To qualify  for the second water heater, you must meet one of these guidelines to earn a $50 bill credit

·        6 or more people living in the residence

·        Home has 3000 sq. ft or more of living space

·        Home has a geothermal system with desuperheater


§         Qualifications for bill credit

·        Must allow us to install load management switch if needed

·        May be inspected by REMC personnel after installation

·        Must submit invoice within 6 months of purchase

·        No more than 2 water heaters per account

·        Sign water heater agreement form

·        Water heater must be new and 40 gallons or larger with at least a 6 year warranty on the tank and be a minimum efficiency rating of .90 EF

·        Must not be installed in a mobile home

·        Must be installed within our service territory

·        Must be fueled only with electricity.  If any other fuel source is used then the water heater does not qualify for bill credit


Prior approval is required on the replacement of a current electric water heater UNLESS it is more than 20 years old or leaking.

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